Stories for the Climate

Gathering for solutions.

Talk is cheap. Ideas aren’t. As we continue to cascade into a deeper fossil fuel-led climate crisis, we need to lucidly understand and promote ideas that we can rapidly implement. We need direct action and legislative change. We need our best thinkers, and all of us.

Upstart & Crow’s Climate Series, launched in fall 2023, spotlights exceptional thinkers in regenerative economics, social change, climate crisis communications, fossil fuel extraction opposition, and other ideas from across the globe.

With this series, we aim to answer: what are the ideas and politics that we need to understand and implement now? Each event includes a talk, Q&A or panel discussion, alongside an opportunity to engage in direct action or a community event.

Past events include:

Pitfall, by Christopher Pollon (Greystone Books)
Canopy of Titans, by Jessica Applegate and Paul Koberstein (OR Books)
Strandings, by Peter Riley (Profile Books)

Scroll down for our upcoming events. Events in green are part of the Climate Series.