We live in strange times. Our relationship to the physical——including books and the spaces they are celebrated——continues to evolve. Upstart & Crow offers a number of private and online book browsing experiences to help share the elusive magic of immersing oneself in the stacks.

A Bookstore in Your Own Home

From our customers, a common refrain is that they’d love to show Upstart & Crow to a loved one who can’t visit. For friends farther afield, they want to experience the rare joys of an independent bookstore.

We offer personalized bookstore shopping from the comfort of your home through a video call with one of our team (Upstart or Crow—who knows?). We’ll walk you through sections you choose by video, showing books of interest and making recommendations based on your interests. Then we’ll ship your selections straight to you!

A perfect solution for folks far afield, who face mobility challenges, or are immune-compromised.

30 minute appointments.

Minimum purchase of $100.

Available Tuesday — Sunday from 6.30pm – 8:00pm.
To book, email with your preferred date and time.

Your Own Private Bookstore

Even in the best of times, who doesn’t dream of having one’s own, private bookstore to browse at leisure—perhaps with loved ones, with some delicious snacks to hand? In these times, being able to share space is more special than ever.

Upstart & Crow is available for small groups, in their own bubbles, to enjoy over the course of an evening. Enjoy our beautiful, gallery-like space; browse books; connect with your loved ones; and enjoy your very own shopping experience looking at books, stationery, candles, body care, bath salts and other curated gifts to give away or give to yourself.

Our staff will be on hand to help you as needed, when you ask. We wear masks and practice physical distancing.

Available Tuesday — Sunday from 6.30pm – 9:30pm.
Minimum purchase of $500.

To book, email with your preferred date and the number in your party.